Thursday, August 21, 2008


i dunno wat happened.. but all my posts are GONE ! i really mean it. GONE, FLUSH DOWN THE DRAIN !
i dunno wat did i press or did i act press anything ? but everything's gone. i cant find all my old posts again.. can sumbody tell me, wat went wrong ?
isit becos sumbody jus hacked my account n deleted all my posts ?
or isit becos i terpress sumthing tat cause everything to be deleted... sighhh
there's pros n cons for all the posts to be gone.. pros will be i won have to be reminded of wat i dun wan to, it's lk a new life for my blog. so i decided to chg the setting, layout n even the name of my blog then...


sunny day has alwiz been good. n it's been sum time since it's sunny. most of the days, it's alwiz raining. there's no class today, no pp3 nth.. so today i went for pilate class at 1.10pm. v din knw have to book places to join the class so ended up only 4 of us join it. the rest went for gym.. 1st time doing pilate. i knw nuts n nth bout pilate, only knw it's not as strenous as yoga. but it turned out to be fun. learnt sumthing new today n the instructor was cute i tink.. ahahha forgotten wat's his name d, err mayb scott or sumthing lk tat.. he's cool n he's so nice.. vy encouraging. i'm so going for next week's class..

after pilate, v decided to go to the gym.. it's quite fun . finally i act SWEAT !! it's been sum time since i sweat alot n i feel totally good aft all the workout.. i'm definitely going again.. found sumthing new to do now.. still thinking whether i should join the membership or jus pay each time i go for any classes. but next mon, i'm going for the aerobics class at 1.10pm. anybody interested ?

had good dinner as well. v decided to try sumthing new tonite. so here v go.. v cooked nasi lemak but there's no sambal cos v dunno how to make any, n there's no curry chicken this time cos yilyn wanted to do sumthing special n different.. so here you go....

our satay chicken.. v grilled it. tasted lk satay n it's nice.. but dun have th sticks, so v jus put on the gril tray n grill it.. yummylicious.......... =)

our satay sauce. it's quite hot n spicy but it's nice..

our signature dish.. most of the time, we've been eating fried celeries wif carrots..

n my favourite ikan bilis... i seriously cant live without ikan bilis an dried prawns.. they're jus so handy. can use them to cook jus any dishes

the dinner v had tonite.. simple but tasty n makes me feel lk i'm at home .

n today i finally bought my bagpack frm Sports Direct. 70% off.. this is only 25L. i tink it should be enuf for me rite now unless i decided to chg it to the 35L withing 28 days.. this costs me only 15pounds for a karrimor bagpack

n my england jersey... the last piece.. luckily i found it n quickly grab, tried on it n pay..

it's been sum time which i act feel good n happy. so endorphin really makes u happy. dun believe it ? try it urself